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You are an absolutely incredible person.

Thank you so much

Anonymous asked:
Keep pushing. I know you will be successful in your next drum corps endeavors, wherever it'll be. You weren't even in my section, but you inspired me to be better with your incredible work ethic.

Thank you so much I really appreciate it. Things like this are what keep me going


d e a d

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You’re cute

Anonymous asked:
i loved how you were one of the most amazing performers during your show consistently during rehearsal. every time i saw you maxing the shit out of cymbals, it would push me to do better even when i was dead tired.

This makes me want to cry for some reason…
I really appreciate it thank you. Also I was dead tired all the time, but I wanted to be the best fucking rookie cymbal player pioneer has ever seen so I just kinda thought “Fuck this pain and fuck being tired.”

But anyways thank you for saying this and thanking you for working so hard with me all summer, i miss my pioneer family and I miss you too.
Better Every Day.